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Friday, July 06, 2007

More At The Art Institute

As I reported in my Random Thoughts, we went to the Art Institute last night, where Pippa guided us to the photographs of Sarah Hobbs and Angela Strassheim. Both photographers explore matters of signifying in visual media. I especially admire these artists’ deliberate use of posing (a pejorative term even in the post-Madonna-“Vogue” era) to communicate. I’d have taken some pictures myself, but there’s a rule at the Institute against photographing material that's not in the permanent collection (and the photos were in a dim room anyway). Still, Google around for more about these remarkable artists, and check out “Small Problems In Living” (by Hobbs – download a PDF of her Periodic Table of the Traits) and “Left Behind” (book from Amazon)and “Pause” by Strassheim.


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